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Picturing the West 4 – Thoughts at the End of the Trail

In trying to think about how one can conclude a discussion of the Image of the West, I find myself standing at a kind of fork in the road. On the one side is a desire to keep on traveling deeper into the territory, and on the other is the need to point out all […]

Picturing the West 3

The third section of the forum will let us think about what the West means after the “closing of the Frontier” described by Turner. When we are talking about the nineteenth-century West, these process versus place questions can get a tad tangled up. But once we move beyond 1893, even devoted Turnerians must examine what […]

Picturing the West 2

In the second part of the forum I’d like us to examine the ways in which the debate over the “frontier as a process versus the West as a place” has played out in the visual West. How can one convey this debate in a visual way so as to illuminate the reasons why each […]

Picturing the West 1

In this month’s “Picturing the West” forum, I want to examine three broad areas: 1) The Real West and The Imagined West Much has been said about the differences between the Real and the Imagined West; for our purposes here, we will use the following distinctions: by the “Real West” we will mean images that […]