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NGA Winslow Homer

The NGA Winslow Homer website was developed by the National Gallery of Art as a companion to its 2005 Winslow Homer exhibit. The site features 35 high resolution versions of Homer€™s oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings, many of them tagged with zoom buttons. The art appears in chronological order and contextualizing text and video clips […]

Another view of the “Statue of Emancipation”

Perhaps the most durable visual manifestation of any society is in its commemorative forms, its monuments, with their intention to convey the significance of certain contemporary events and individuals to future generations. As Kirk Savage’s remarkable 1997 study Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America chronicles, immediately after Abraham Lincoln’s death, […]

Picturing fairs and fairness

The historical visual record of the United States is marred by gaps and distortions, especially in representing race and equality. But if we view past images as simply uniform and unchanging, we will fail to catch significant examples that defied the “visual order.” And some of those exceptions appeared in commercial publications, not as you […]